On-the-fly Codepoetry

This Sunday is my first show with my algorithmic music box. I'll be playing at the Wharf Chambers in Leeds, on a show that goes from 17 to 21 hours: 

Organised by yèct, the show's idea explores the relationships between code, poetry and their audio visual expression:

The first output is the ephemeral act that involves the recital - session (...), but also by the relationship of the development of our doing, we want to establish a transition between the process and the object (*), which is also our interest to publish a tape with the resulting sounds from that session, as well as complement the same with the visual results of our recital, this means algorithmic images and the codepoetry of each set.

 Can Code be poetry? Can poetry be code? can code bridge the gap between poetry and audio?

An incredible lineup includes Yaxu (Alex McLean) whom i'm very excited to meet. I can't wait.