Creating a live tweet map with Leaflet and node.js

After my sentiment analysis project I wondered if I could translate those ideas to a live map of tweets in my neighbourhood. 

I am happy to report that I can.

Introducing: London Feels:

People in london feel pretty average

People in london feel pretty average

It displays quick sentiment-analysed (very rudimentary) tweets for the M25 circle that contain location.

Positive tweets are blue, negative tweets are red, and the rest are kinda pink but they look good.

It uses node.js for the backend, with node-tweet-stream and node-sentiment to do the tweet hosing and sentiment analysing. Then tweets are broadcasted with to the clients. The clients use leaflet to show the map, with toner map tiles from stamen design.

People tweet a lot before lunchtime, mostly average tweets:

I'm thinking about making the same thing for NYC.