Running a Code Club

So I saw this tweet today from Code Club:

It looks like they're looking for a lot of volunteers to run a Code Club in London! So I'll be going to the Code Pub meetup on November 21st.

This is how cool Code Club Volunteers look.

This is how cool Code Club Volunteers look.

The run down is pretty simple. You dedicate an hour of your week to teach kids about computers.  You're not allowed to charge any money.

They have pre-built terms and activities, so all you have to do is print them and take them with you. They mostly use Scratch (to introduce kids to concepts like iterations, events etc) and on further levels they get into HTML, CSS and Python.

Things to watch out for are: 

  • School computer systems might be a bit crap, you'll have to put up with installing Scratch, and helping out the kids get their "workspaces" going 
  • Most of the kids won't know what programming is, so you'll have to explain things from the beginning! Also, not all kids learn at the same pace, so patience is key
  • Finally, you need a Disclosure and Barring Service Check  to make sure you aren't a super evil person.

I think now that I'm becoming more freelance and will have more time, this will be a great thing to get involved with.

If you're reading this and can program, make sure you try to start a Code Club as well!