Eindbaas 14

I was invited to do visuals for Sabrepulse at Eindbaas 14, at one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands, Melkweg. 


It was my third time VJ'ing in front of a live audience. I had performed before at SuperByte 2013 and at a sold out gig with Anamanaguchi at the Garage in Islington.

The crowd started dancing with the first DJ, and went on all night. Being used to  slightly more lethargic London crowds, this was a great surprise. 

My VJ setup, in front of loads of people!

My VJ setup, in front of loads of people!

I have been playing with the following setup on my VJ sets: 

  • Live Processing sketches controlled with a korg nanoKONTROL sending their images to Syphon.
  • VDMX rendering small video clips and the output of Syphon, controlled with an Akai Pad.

It is very cool to be able to run things live on processing, especially because it is the language I use for most of my data art, which makes using my work on live performances very easy.

I met a bunch of amazing people, the whole dutch crew was incredible. I would like to thank Frans for inviting me over and sorting everything out. 

Best show ever!