Dario Villanueva 


Dario is a London-based Data artist and Full stack developer, who obtained a Master of Arts with Honours in Cognitive Science from Edinburgh University. He works as a a Developer and Designer for big companies and startups alike, helping bring their data to life through deep and meaningful, yet aesthetically pleasing visualisations. His interests Include Data Art, Music, Games, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.


2005 - 09: The University of Edinburgh, Scotland
M.A. (hons) Cognitive Science


2005 - 10: FundesFor Scholarship  
2003 - 05:  Winterthur Foundation Scholarship


2015 ☛ Javascript Developer at Financial Times, architecting and developing a custom print and web charting tool, using React.js and flux as well as an in-house editorial analytics tool

2014 ☛ Javascript Developer at Jut.io, Developing dynamic visualisations and front end application code. 

2013 - 14 ☛ Frontend Developer at Red Badger, Building interactive experiences for BBC Knowledge & Learning.

2012 - 13 ☛ Frontend Developer & Designer an Pearson, building "Palomino" Big Data platform.

2011 ☛ Data Visualisation Designer at Expedia Inc. building custom reports and information visualisation

2011 ☛ Data Visualisation Developer at Telemetry, building a custom information wall.

2009 - 11 ☛ Information acquisition developer at Skyscanner building website scrapers and monitoring solutions 

 2008 - 09 ☛ Testing Engineer at Crocodile Clips, helping bomb-proof educational software. 



Data Art
Processing, openFrameworks, Unity3D, GLSL, Three.js

Web Design  
XHTML, CSS 3, Javascript, MVC, D3.js, Backbone, React, Flux

Web Development
Node.js, mongodb, SQL, Redis

Software Development
Javascript, Java, Scala, Python